The Ancient Monasteries Expedition

Kye Monastery

Located atop a hill at an altitude of 4,166 meters, Kye is one of the largest monasteries and learning centers in Spiti Valley. Also know as Kee Gompa, the monastery belongs to the Gelugpasect of Buddhism. The setting is absolutely breathtaking, one can see snowcapped peaks all around and the Spiti river flowing gently through the valley below.


Tabo is known for being the location for one of the oldest continuously operating monasteries in India. Believed to be 1000 years old, the monastery walls bear beautiful frescoes that are equally old.

The Ancient Monasteries Expedition is a 5-night, 6-day expedition that begins in Chandigarh. We trust you’ll be able to make your way to Chandigarh which is connectedto many cities by multiple means of transport. We would request you to reach Chandigarh the day before the expedition as on the first day we have a long drive to Kalpa. We will cover a distance of 250 km and spend the night in Kalpa.

Kalpa is a beautiful village surrounded by cedar forests at an altitude of about 10,000 feet. The main crops cultivated hereare apricots & apples and if you happen to be here during harvest season, you can get a taste of the fresh Kinnauri fruits.

Day 2 Kalpa to Kaza. (200km 8hr)

After an early breakfast in Kalpa, we will proceed withour journey beyondRekongPeo, and witness the terrain changes drastically. As many of the destinations on this itinerary are beyond the tree, the dense forests of Kalpa will be replaced with shrub like desert plants and the landscape will become increasinglydry and rocky. We will take a 10-minute break at Khab, where you can take beautiful photos of the crystal blue Spiti river merging with the muddy Sutlej. We will then proceed to Tabo, where we will take a quick break as we will get more time here on Day 4 and then to Kazafor the night.

Day 3 Kaza to Langza (60km 5 hr)

Setting out early, we will first visit Kye monastery, the centre of learning in Spiti valley. The monastery is set on a small hill from where you get a splendid view of the valley alongside a nice hot cup of tea. Next, we will head over to Kibber village, which used to be the highest motorable village in the world before Komic was connected by road. A short hike from Kibber village is Chichum Bridge which is the highest bridge above sea level in Asia. This area is also known for the Kibber wildlife sanctuary.

We will then proceed to Langza, which is famous for its fossils. Millions of years ago, Spiti lay submerged under the Tethys Sea. Fossils of sea life are visible in areas surrounding the village and we urge not to pick up any so as to ensure that others can also partake in this incredible experience. We will spend the night in Langza.

Day 4 Langza  toTabo.(110km 6 hr )

Afterbreakfast at the hotel, we will make a quick trip to Komic; the world’s highest motorable village.Komic is also home to the Tangyud monastery which identifies with the Sakya sect of Buddhism. Following Komic, we will stop by the world’s highest post office at Hikkimand then head towards Tabo for the night.

Tabo, which is known by some as theAjantas of the Himalayas has 1000-year-old monasterythat has been active all along and the murals, wall paintings and thankasalso date back to when the monastery was first set up. The wall of the 1000 Buddhas in the main sanctum is an incredible site to see andif we have enough time, we can also take a short hike to the nearby meditation caves.We will stay in Tabo for night.

Day 5 Tabo to Rampur (250km 10hr)

We will need to start early in Tabo and can perhaps carry a packed breakfast which we can enjoy in Nako. Depending on time, we can take a stroll to the famous Nakolake and explore the village. AsNakois located in the upper Kinnaur region closer to Spiti, the village identifies with aspects of Spitian life and architecture.We will then proceed to Rampur for the night.

Day 6 Rampur to Chandigarh (200km 8hr)

On this last day of the expedition, we will head back down towards the plains via Narkanda or Sunni, where we can take a short break.

Tariff Details


Stay with Dinner, Breakfast, Lunch+ Transportation (4×4 vehicle Gypsy King or Isuzu D-Max)

3 guests +Driver
INR 24999 per person

2 guests+ Driver
INR 29999 per person

1 guest + Driver.
INR 45999.