Our Story

In early 2020, a group of us set out on an expedition to Shinkunla Pass in Lahaul. Situated at 6,700 feet, getting up here is an adventure even in the peak of summer. However, we wanted to push the limits and decided to go well before the season. It was a successful mission replete with all the adrenaline and excitement that we needed to be able toinitiate plans for our next trip. Before we were back at the base camp, many ideas were exchanged and by the time we sat down by the fire in the evening, we represented‘The Nomadic Tribes’.

As a company, we wish to make the beauty and adventures of the Himalayan regionaccessible to people all over the world and as a community, we aspire to help breed and admiration and respect for the outdoors. It is of prime importance, that people see and understand the wonders of the natural world so that they are able to answer the question about why we need to embrace and protect it.

The Nomadic Tribes comprises a team of explorers who have eitherinvestigated the Himalayan region intensivelyor lived within it for extended periods. Our knowledge of the destinations in our Itineraries is based on actual experiences that each of us has been lucky to have. We are well versed with the terrain, topography and climatic conditions which ensures that all plans are made based on the safest and most exclusive options for you.

Time spent travelling in the Himalayas is a memorable and life changing experience for many. It brings us to realise the value of simple things and the pleasure of company. As part of the Nomadic Tribes, we aim to live every day like it’s our first and wake up each morning ready for a new start. We hope you find the inclination and time to join usas we hope to be able to share this experience with as many people as possible.